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However, out of that extremely fragile self-esteem, Fenghua could not directly ask Zack: "Did you go to bed?"? Are you and Julie Mingdang late because you play too hard at night? She could only slowly, through his words and expressions, peel off the truth she wanted to know. "Amy, I want to know the reason why you are late today," Fenghua replied calmly, facing an elegant smile floating on the edge of Zack's thin lips. "Sir, last night I attended a classmate's party, went to the bar to drink and sing, and slept too late, so I was late today." Zack picked up the military jacket on the hanger and quickly approached Fenghua. Under the man's smiling face, there is a kind of guard hidden. He lied. At this moment, even Fenghua could not see that Zack was lying to her, because his gentle look was too natural and calm. In order not to show any flaws in front of Bujoya's first deputy, who had a keen and thorough mind, and in front of his sister Qingrui, whom he had loved since he was a teenager, he practiced many times in the mirror at home. His speech, the way he smiled, and even his eyes were impeccable. It's true that Zack is late because he sleeps too late, but it's not because he goes to the bar with his classmates. Last night, he received a valuable set of documents from within the Empire of Julian. This is only a single line of contact with Zack Bujoya senior spy,gold heap leaching, received his urgent orders, spent a lot of effort, painstakingly collected a number of intelligence. All of them are related to the past 10-20 years of the Julie Empire, all kinds of political and civil strife and power struggles. Because Queen Perrin is very secretive about this period of history, the phenomenon of artificial suppression is extremely serious, and Zack gets very little valuable information from it. Heaven pays off. When it was almost dawn, Zack finally pieced together a group photo of the First Starship Troop of the Royal Family, which was signed by Zhu Fenghua. Zack was lucky enough to see his sister Qingrui, whom he had loved for many years,Carbon in Pulp, standing in the middle of the first row in a suit of the commander's uniform of the Julian Empire, with a beautiful youthful face and long blond hair hanging down his chest in a dignified manner. Zhu Fenghua, the seventeen princesses of the former imperial status, and Lady Qingrui, the first deputy commander of Bujoya, are indeed the same person. His shallow suspicions seemed to have been thoroughly confirmed. Looking at the woman's familiar and strange face, Zack's heart slowly sank, and then slowly floated, like a small boat, floating and sinking in the vast sea, suddenly lost all direction. For a long time, Zack sat down in his work chair. He closed his eyes and fell asleep. When he woke up again, the sky was cloudy and the time had flown. This is the real reason why Zack is late. Full of messy thoughts have not yet been sorted out, Zack in the office, and see Fu Jier presented on the Ming Dang was assassinated Laure hospital news, but also by the special police force special blockade of all public media channels, tin beneficiation plant ,Carbon in Pulp, the Ministry of Intelligence secretly investigated the collection of related events, due to limited sources, although a little know one, but not sure about the second, all I don't know whether Laure was injured or Ming Dang was injured, or whether it was a smokescreen thrown by someone with ulterior motives. He needs to go to the scene and find out the truth. Are you going out now? Amy? Watching the man put on his windbreaker coat, it seemed that he was ready to send her away with two simple words, and Fenghua was a little unhappy. Yes. Sir! Zack answered meaningfully, turned around and took the important information report on his desk, handed it to Fenghua, pointed to the key points, and explained carefully: "At about nine o'clock last night, a deliberate murder occurred in the G-G12 area of the pedestrian street in the South Third Ring Business District of the capital. So far, our public media, including the official television station and the Internet, have not reported anything. I want to go to the hospital mentioned by civilian witnesses to investigate it in detail." The man's voice, Fenghua heard very clearly, the man's finger over the place, Fenghua see more clearly. Through the fax pictures attached to the data, the staff of the Ministry of Intelligence responsible for analyzing and sorting out the duties have preliminarily deduced the identities of the two parties, and have written out the names of Ming Dang and Laure. The security monitoring work there is under the management of the Special Police Department.
The head of the Special Police Department is the eldest son of Buni's uncle Bugce and her direct cousin Cadkaris. The entire special police department, in fact, is an elite force under the sole rule of the marshal of the army, Princess Buni, and it is no exaggeration to call it the Royal Guard. It was not under the jurisdiction of Fenghua, so if it hadn't been for Zack's report, she wouldn't have known that Ming Dang would encounter an accident. At the same time, the special police department did not report it, which was clearly suspected of dereliction of duty. Who in the end is the instigation, Ming Dang is in danger? The mind electricity turns, the heart has been burning, once Fenghua thought of here, where there is leisure to hold Zack, questioned why he was late, immediately ordered to leave, and Zack went to the hospital together. Two people are neat action, elegant and high power, naturally soon through the hospital related high-level, learned that Laure live in the ward. By this time, Laure had been forced to sleep in a lullaby specially selected by the star cord. Instead of staring at Prince Scott, who basically only read books and did not look at him, Laure found that it was better to close his eyes and sleep well, wait for his injury to heal, and then wait for revenge. Xingsuo received Fenghua and Zack alone in Laure's ward. Although it was a reception, it was actually more like a prince giving orders to two people to leave. Because Xingsuo didn't let Fenghua and Zack into the room at all. At the very beginning, Xingsuo heard the report of Zhe Te. He slowly opened the door and glanced at the visitor with his cold eyes. "Who are you looking for?" Zack stood outside the door and said with a smile, "Are you there?" Seeing Scott standing inside the door, Zack's uncertainty suddenly changed to certainty. It was confirmed that the person who was injured and hospitalized inside was Zhu Liming. He could not forget the cold and proud prince with silver hair, who once sat shoulder to shoulder with the Devil Princess in a golden carriage and arrived at the neighbor's farm. Apart from Ming Dang, he had never seen Xingsuo show any special relationship with other women, including Buni Fei. "I'm sorry,tin beneficiation plant, Minister Amy, but the man you're looking for is not here," said Xingsuo with an indifferent face and a sarcastic look in his eyes. 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com