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"Auntie, you can't solve the problem by using force. We can sue you for personal injury." The woman immediately jumped up and said, "My daughter is ruined by this bastard. Even if I kill him, he deserves it.". Get out of here, or I'll beat you too. The woman jumped on me again. I can't use force, or it will only be worse. I used my body to protect the boy in front of me, and my back was frequently pricked by needles. The people around me almost moved the bench, eating melon seeds and drinking tea to watch the big play. Then the curator came, the woman was pulled away, and I sat on the ground, blackening my eyes. A colleague felt something was wrong and asked me what was wrong. I remembered the boy's silent appearance and finally shook my head. I took a taxi to the hospital, and after registration, I sat on the rest chair and held my body in a cold sweat. Then I saw He Luofan, who was helping a woman down from upstairs. Women's hair is very long, but it is beautiful and smooth, just like the model of shampoo advertisement. Clutching her stomach, she was pale and hobbled. I knew at a glance that she had just had some kind of operation. He Luofan did not put on a smelly face, but frowned, and his eyebrows were full of disgusting worries. The woman raised her head, and I saw a sick beauty with pity,sodium cyanide price, the same one on the bedside of He Luofan. The place I sat was facing the stairway entrance. He Luofan must have seen me, but he pretended not to see me and carefully helped the sick beauty out of the hall. I also took some medicine, and crowded the subway back to school, the whole body do not know where the pain, is really full of holes. The phone in the dormitory rang several times, and I didn't have the strength to climb out of bed to answer it. I felt vaguely that it was He Luofan. Later, someone kicked the dormitory door. I was afraid that the door would be broken, so I could only get up and open it. Why do you look like such a ghost? He Luofan grabbed my arm aggressively. I'm in a cold sweat because of the pain. I can't even laugh. My face must be twisted badly. He Luofan is stupefied,manganese beneficiation plant, gentle a bit: "Where is uncomfortable after all?" I had made up my mind not to have too much involvement with He Luofan. Maybe I want people to care about me too much, and I want this tenderness that doesn't belong to me too much. At that moment, I almost cried, like a miserable dog that had been abused. It hurts. It hurts in the flesh. I can't stand the pain. He Luofan took me to his house again. It was the same soft and comfortable bed. He lifted my clothes and examined them carefully. In the afternoon, the doctor wiped me with iodine, because there was no big wound, so I didn't even need medicine at all. However, the skin was continuously pricked for five or six minutes, and there were many tiny needle holes under careful examination. He Luofan breathed more and more quickly, but did not speak. Teacher He. "Who did it?" "It's all right, it's settled." I say. He Luofan did not speak, his fingers on my small wound, a little itchy, I could not help laughing. Suddenly, gold CIP machine ,magnetic separator machine, my back was hot, and a warm and slippery tongue moved slowly on my back. This feeling makes me feel uneasy, like a prelude to a vampire sucking blood. Teacher He. "Call me Luofan." "Well.." Teacher He. "Luofan." His tongue licked my auricle and slowly induced it in my ear like a spell. I buried my face in the pillow, and my heart was so empty that I could fill the whole desert. I thought about it and said, "Mr. He, don't pity me." "Not poor, Xing Yuexuan, stay with me." I shook my head. "I don't want to be a lover either." "It's not a lover, Xing Yuexuan. Stay with me. I'll protect you from getting hurt." I looked blankly at the warm couple photos on the bedside table. He Luofan's voice behind him was so gentle that I wanted it so much, just like a starving beggar who saw the delicious cake in the cupboard. Everyone laughed at my mouth-watering ugliness, but only one person bought the cake and threw it on the ground and said, "Do you want to eat it? Pick it up if you want to eat it!"! I know this cake is what he wants to give to others, but what others want is not cake. "Let us all forget about the others, child." If you can't wait, do you have to forget? I closed my eyes. "Good." "Call me Luofan." "Luofan." "Ah Hsuan, you are just a child. Let me protect you from now on.".
” After that day, I lived in He Luofan's house. I lived in the second bedroom on the big balcony. He bought a pile of dolls, pink sheets, and even a pink heart-shaped carpet on the floor. Several pots of Ziyang flowers were placed on the balcony, and pink gauze curtains were ordered. In fact, the pink room looks very cute from the computer pictures, but it is horrible to live in, and there is an illusion of falling into a different time and space at any time. I never hit his taste. I'm used to it. I want what others give me. After that day, the photo on the bedside table of He Luofan disappeared and was put in the drawer. In fact, put it on the table, and put it in the drawer and occasionally take it out, the only difference is that put it in the drawer and take it out again. I never say this to him. I have no position to say this to him. I know more about my relationship with He Luofan than he does. He played the emotional game very seriously, and the role of the lover was in place. But no matter how good it is, it's not true. In Wang Jiawei's Ashes of Time, there is a kind of wine called Drunken Life and Dream Death, which can forget all the things before. I'm just He Luofan's drunkenness. He gave me a little tenderness, I gave him a little comfort, and we took what we needed. An emotionless kiss is no different from food. After the summer vacation, I moved back to the dormitory. The dormitory is lively again, and I play online games with my sisters every day. I am a villain in the game for ten thousand years. As soon as I go in, someone chases me to kill me. I miss the name very much. Childe Luofan. As soon as I was happy, I was killed by him. While he was proud, I sent a message and asked, "Why do you call Childe Luofan?"? Childe Luofan replied: "This is the meaning of Childe Luofan, garbage, why do you call beauty Ruoxun?"? I replied, Because Kaoru is a beauty. Childe falls fan to say: "That also is a femme fatale, rubbish, chop dead you!"! I am very happy, I said: very good,mineral flotation, very good, scared me, I thought you were my garbage little lover!. ore-magnetic-mining.com