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Old Itch says to him: "With respect to your trouble, everything wants to see, be careful, wait for the monkey below to think your posture is strange." WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM Volume III Qinling Sacred Tree Chapter 27. [T.xt ^ small.. Say . God ) Don) The eyes of the mummy had completely shrunk, leaving only two black eye sockets, the mouth was incredibly wide open, showing incomplete teeth, and the whole face was deformed by dehydration, showing a rather ferocious expression that people dared not face up to. From his teeth, we can see that this mummy is not a monkey, but a real person. Old itch was stupefied, say: "How is this to return a responsibility, old Wu, didn't you just say this is a monkey?"? This This It's clear that it's a man. I stammered, "I.." I don't know, just now I cracked the mask, I saw that it was indeed a monkey, or a big monkey with yellow hair, this. This It's really confusing me. As I spoke, I wanted to look over and see if I was wrong because of the light. Master Liang suddenly waved his hand and asked me not to touch the corpse. He stood up carefully and turned over the mask in his hand. I saw that behind the mask,Serum Bottle With Dropper, in the position of his mouth, there was a spiral protuberance the size of a fist like a snail shell, with a small hole on it. Master Liang gestured at his face, then turned to us and said, "It seems that you have to wear this mask with your mouth open." "Open your mouth," said the old itch. "It's like a respirator in your mouth. How uncomfortable it is!" When I saw the mummies with their mouths wide open, I said to Master Liang,glass cream jars, "Is there something strange in this snail shell? Smash it and have a look. These masks are all grown into the flesh of these monkeys. Their mouths and eyes are covered. They must have other ways to eat and see." Master Liang inserted his pen into the hole and pried it hard, and the "snail shell" broke open, revealing something like a crab's foot inside. Master Liang pulled it out and found that it was an insect he had never seen before. It had turned into a fossil. If he exerted a little force, it would break into several sections. It seems that the mask will not be brought up voluntarily. Master Liang frowned and said, "But this thing is indeed man-made. Look at the lines inside the mask, which are roughly the same as the cloud and thunder lines on the tree. It must have something to do with the person who cast this bronze tree." The old itch took the mask in and looked at it with interest for a long time. He said, "This should be an old insect from the Western Zhou Dynasty. Maybe it's extinct now. No wonder we don't know each other.". Eh? You see, this insect seems to be only half of it. Then he looked at us. "Where did the other half go?" He asked. The bug was curled up in a protuberant cavity in the mouth of the mask. There was only one place where the other half of the worm was. I thought about this. I looked into the mouth of the mummy subconsciously. Sure enough, I saw that in the big dark mouth, another half of the worm was attached to the tongue. The withered worm body had been inserted into the throat of the corpse, not knowing what organ it had entered. Because the atrophied muscles of the dried corpse are very similar to the fossilized insect body, if you don't look carefully, you will think that the insect is a withered tongue. Master Liang saw this situation. His face changed and he shouted, "Throw it away, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, throw it away!"! My God, throw it away! The mask could be alive! Then he clapped his hand and knocked the mask off the old itch's hand, and the mask fell into the darkness at a high speed. It hit the branch and smashed into pieces with a bang.
The old itch gave him a fright, almost fell down, busy asked him what nerve, what is the mask is alive? Master Liang coughed and seemed to be very regretful. He scratched his head and pinched his eyebrows. He said, "I'm really ashamed. Why am I so stupid? Why didn't I think of this earlier?" Copper tree, this method of sacrifice, it is clear that it is not our Han people's things, hey, I am really stupid, stupid to home! "What are you breaking off?" Old itch fire, "what fool, and face have what relation?"? If you have anything to say, just say it, okay? Master Liang waved his hand and said, "No, be patient and listen to me. I have to start from the beginning. But how can I say it?"? That starts with the blood sacrifice we just talked about. Originally, blood sacrifice was mainly used in the sacrificial activities of ethnic minorities in the Western Zhou Dynasty. Of course, the ethnic minorities at that time were totally different from us now. Most of these ethnic groups had disappeared or dissolved into the Han nationality. Large-scale blood sacrifice was not recorded in the official history of the Han nationality, but there were sporadic discoveries in some ethnic minority sites. Unfortunately, due to the loss of language, there is no more detailed information. Liang Shiye believed that this huge sacred tree might not have come from the hands of the rulers of the Western Zhou Dynasty at that time, but from the leaders of ethnic minorities. At that time, around the Western Zhou Dynasty, there were a large number of ethnic minorities such as Sushen, Shanrong, Guifang, Qiang and Puyue. Most of them were still in slave society. These ethnic minorities accepted the advanced metallurgical technology of the Western Zhou Dynasty and learned the culture of the Western Zhou. Their bronzes had very obvious characteristics of the western Zhou Dynasty, so they did not think of this at first. Looking back now, the slave society's highly efficient control of labor force is much more convenient for the construction of such unconventional things. Sacrificial holy places of ethnic minorities are very sacred, not only guarded by people, but also by the sacrifice of some kind of magic, in order to protect their gods from harassment. In the legends of ethnic minorities, the process of casting magic is very mysterious, and this magic has been handed down to the present, deified into the omnipotent magic in the novel. Master Liang also said that since the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, the magic had been divided into one point, and another point in the Song Dynasty. Before the Qin Dynasty, the magic was very powerful, and it was almost the same as the present super ability, but all the magic was caused by insects,Oil Dropper Bottle, and the magic at that time was called the dish insect. These masked monkeys and mummies, mysterious and inexplicable, may be the product of this ancient magic. penghuangbottle.com